Bella Greige Herringbone Linen Throw


This beautifully soft greige throw is woven in pure organic linen making it breathable.ย  It looks stunning draped on both a bed or chair and is perfect for snuggling under on the sofa. Linen is a beautiful layering material that we just love, it has laid back luxe and only gets softer over time.ย  This throw is of superb quality and highly durable.

Care Instructions: Machine washable at 40C

Size: 210 x 165cm


Linen fabrics derived from the flax plant and one of the most eco-friendly materials, it requires minimum water and pesticides and even grows in poor-quality soil. Every part of the flax plant is utilised, with no waste. Linen is designed to last and is resistant to wear and tear; its naturally soft texture improves with use.

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