1. There are a few critical steps to creating your gallery wall:Decide on your theme, this could be a colour or a subject. For me, that would be a neutral coloured theme or a subject such as nature as examples. I have what I call a dark and stormy theme which incorporates the following: a monochrome Franz Klein Print, a rough sea scene painted by my father on Dark Paper, a Picasso print which is also dark and muted tones and finally a piece of fabric that is dark with textured details. You will see from the images this gallery works perfectly with the neutral dark-toned living space, and I have used a combination of both black and gold frames.

2.Play with levels, starting with your most substantial items and filling in the edges with your smaller pieces, it is always best to lay out on the floor first to ensure the all the pieces are complimenting one another before you get your hammer out!

3.A gallery wall evolves over time, it is a work of art in its own right, and every piece should have its own story. I love the fact that mine includes an old table runner that I loved, but part had got ruined, so I utilised part of it in a frame, plus I have an original piece of my Fathers artwork which reminds me every day not to settle and boldly follow my dreams. 

4.Get creative, you may have a scarf with a beautiful pattern and colours that you no longer wear anymore that would look incredible in a frame. You may decide to paint your own abstract painting, monochrome abstract paintings always look incredible and are super easy to do. Or you may have a fantastic pair of shoes that you adore but don’t wear very often, you could consider displaying them on a floating shelf as part of your gallery – it is all about you and your personality, use what resonates with you and makes your heart sing!

Let us know in the comments below what items you have used in creating your own gallery walls, or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #olivesandlilysgallerywall